Airtight Regulation

What is the air tightness regulation & how can I comply?

The currant air permeability regulation states a buidlings air leakage rate should be no more than 10 m3 / (h.m2.)

This can be greatly improved by the installation of airtightness membrane during the construction phase.

At Advance Airtight Solutions Ltd we can offer a competive service using a team of professional tradesmen trained in providing professional airtightness solutions and the installation of airtightness products to maximise the airtightness of your building.

We carry out a preliminary test to identify any leakage which is rectified before the building is plastered. We carry out further tests on the completion of the build and certify.


Air tight buildings reduce heat loss and the potential for uncomfortable draughts; an air tight building improves energy efficiency.

The Stack Effect.

The blower door test will meausure how many times per hour this cycle will occur by pressurising or depressurising the building.

Data recorded during the test is combined with building envelope calulations to determine the air permeability of the building.

If you improve the air tightness of your building you can reduce the air leakage rate.

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